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Law N° 15(I) of 2012 amending Law N° 48(I) of 2001 concerning the Protection of Young Persons at Work.

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Elimination of child labour, protection of children and young persons
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Article 2 of Law N° 15(I) of 2012 replaces article 3 of Law N° 48(I) of 2001 regarding the Law's scope of application, which covers the employment of young persons by any employer and excludes the circumstantial, temporary and short term employment that is considered as non prejudicial, non detrimental and non hazardous for the adolescents working at family business. Article 3 of the present Law, by supplementing article 6 of the amended Law N° 48(I) of 2001, ensures an at least one-month-period of free work during school vacations for children placed under a combined dual programme of training and work. Article 4 of the present Law introduces additional provision to article 7 of the amended Law, which provides that children employed in the activities specified under the present article should be accompanied, during their working hours, by their parent or guardian or, if not possible, by an authorized minder. Article 6 of Law N° 15(I) of 2012 abolishes articles 14, 19 and 20 and appendices I and II of Law N° 48(I) of 2001. Article 8 of the present Law amends article 24 of Law N° 48(I) of 2001, by requiring the labor inspectors' continuing vocational training on the rights of the child and protection of its interests, as well as the taking of necessary measures to facilitate the exercise of their duty. Article 13 of the present Law inserts new article 31B concerning the constitution of an "Advisory Committee for the Employment of Children", competent for general policy issues during the application of the present Law.

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