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Consolidation (No. 1094 of 2014) of the Integration Act (No. 1115 of 2013).

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Bekendtgørelse (Nr 1094 af 2014) af lov (Nr 1115 af 2013) om integration af udlændinge i Danmark (integrationsloven).
Consolidation of Act No. 1115 of 2013 (amendments through June 2014 including Act No. 894 of 2013, Act No. 895 of 2013, Act No. 1610 of 2013, Act No. 1612 of 2013, Act No. 167 of 2014 and Act No. 722 of 2014).

Contains 13 chapters concerning, inter alia:

Chapter 1: Purpose etc.
Chapter 2: Tasks of the municipal councils.
Chapter 3: Housing of refugees.
Chapter 3a: Integration Plan.
Chapter 4: Integration Program for refugees and family reunified foreigners.
Chapter 4a: Introduction courses for immigrants.
Chapter 5: Obligation to register as job-availability assessment, etc.
Chapter 6: Support to special cases.
Chapter 7: Payment of support and recovery etc.
Chapter 7a: Citizenship Test.
Chapter 8: Integration Council and the Council for Ethnic Minorities.
Chapter 9: Finance and Administration etc.
Chapter 10: Obtaining and disclosure of information.
Chapter 11: Appeals Rules.
Chapter 12: Definitions.
Chapter 13: Entry into force and transitional provisions.

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