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Act (1329/2014) amending the Act on equality between men and women (609/1986).

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Equality of opportunity and treatment
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Laki (1329/2014) naisten ja miesten välisestä tasa-arvosta annetun lain muuttamisesta (609/1986).
Introduces a new section 5a and section 6c concerning measures for the promotion of gender equality in educational institutions and the prevention of discrimination based on gender identity or gender expression.

Amends sections 1, 3, 5, 6a, 6b, 7, 8, 15-17, 19-21 and 21a concerning purpose, definitions, equality in education and training, measures for the promotion of equality in employment, salary survey, prohibition of discrimination, employment discrimination, the request for a statement of the non- discrimination and gender equality board, monitoring, provision of information to the gender equality ombudsman, the provision of guidance and advice, referral to the non-discrimination and gender equality board, non-discrimination and gender equality board powers related to illegal procedures, and right of the gender quality ombudsman to impose fines. Sections as amended by Acts 232/2005, 206/1995, 369/2009 and 1023/2008.

Repeals section 22.

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