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Act (1302/2014) amending the Child Welfare Act (417/2007).

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Elimination of child labour, protection of children and young persons
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Laki (1302/2014) lastensuojelulain muuttamisesta (417/2007).
Introduces new sections 37b, 38a and 76a concerning emergency support in open care, decision to continue emergency placement and securing accommodation and livelihood in aftercare.

Amends sections 3 ss.2, 3a ss.1, 25 ss.1 and ss.3, 25a and 25b, 25c ss.3, 25d, 26, 27, 30 ss.1 and ss.2, 34 ss.1, 36, 37 ss.2, 37a ss.1, 38, 39a, 89 ss.1 p.2 and 90 concerning preventive child welfare, notification obligation, contact with social services for the assessment of the need for support, keeping records, anticipatory child protection notification, child welfare authorities' notification, initiating a child welfare case and investigation of child protection needs, initiating a client relationship in child protection, client plan and open care. Sections as amended by Acts 88/2010, 911/2012, 542/2011, 88/2010, 542/2011 and 88/2010.

Repeals chapter 2 ss.2 section 31 and section 35 ss.2.

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    Application of sections 38, 38a, 39a ss.2, 89¿ss.1 p.2 and 90 ss.1 p.2.

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