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Act (888/2014) amending the Self-Employed Workers' Pensions Act (1272/2006).

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Social security (general standards); Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit
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Laki (888/2014) yrittäjän eläkelain muuttamisesta (1272/2006).
Introduces a new ss.4 to section 83, a new section 84a and a new ss.2 to section 91 (whereas the present ss,2 becomes a new ss.3) concerning determination of pension, survivor's pension and applications for pension.

Amends section 33, section 81 ss.1-2, section 82 ss.2, section 84 ss.3 and section 120 ss.1 (as amended by Act 1166/2007) concerning determination of pension, investigation of rehabilitation opportunities, survivor's pension and enforcement of pension insurance fees.

Repeals section 84 ss.4.

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