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Constitution (Amendment) Act, 2015 (No. 12 of 2015).

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General provisions; Constitutional law
Law, Act

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An Act to amend the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda in accordance with articles 259 and 262 of the Constitution; to prescribe a procedure for the removal of members of the Electoral Commission, similar to the procedure for the removal of judicial officers; to require the Electoral Commission to hold a by-election within sixty days from the date of notification of a vacancy of a member of Parliament by the Clerk to Parliament; to require the registrar of a court declaring the seat of a member of Parliament vacant to transmit the judgment to the Clerk to Parliament within ten days after the declaration; to permit floor crossing in Parliament by members of Parliament within twelve months before the end of the term of Parliament; to provide for the Judicial Service Commission to appoint certain staff of the judiciary; and for related matters.

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