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Fifth Law to amend Social Code - Book IV and other Laws (5. SGB IV-AndG).

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Social security (general standards)
Law, Act

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Article 1. Amendments to the Social Code - Book V
§ 23c Other non-contributory income; of electronic certification
§ 28b content and procedures for common principles and the Data Field Description
Section VI. Transmission and processing of electronic data in the social security
Title 1. Transmission of data to and within the social establishment
Title 2.  Acceptance, transfer and processing of data by the employer by social security bodies
Title 3. Renumeration data transmission in accident insurance cases
Article 1a. Amendments to the Social Code - Book II
Article 1b. Amendments to the Social Code - Book III new:
§ 130 assisted education
§ 420 Insurance selection freedom for participants of the program Social participation in the labor market
Article 2. Amendments to the Social Code - Book V. minor amendments
Article 3. Amendments to the Social Code - Book VI. new:
§ 196a Use of electronic certification
Article 4. Amendments to the Social Code - Book VII. incorporates amendments on electronic data transmission
Also subsequent amendments to other acts deal with electronic data matters.

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    Bundesgesetzblatt Teil I
    vol. 15
    Page range
    pp. 583-598