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Act to diminish the charge increase in tight housing markets and to strengthen the tenant involvement in the property (Tenancy Act amendment - MietNovG)

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Social security (general standards); Social assistance and services
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Gesetz zur Dämpfung des Mietanstiegs auf angespannten Wohnungsmärkten und zur Stärkung des Bestellerprinzips bei der Wohnungsvermittlung (Mietrechtsnovellierungsgesetz - MietNovG)
Article 1. Amendments to the Civil Code: new subsection to Book 2 Law of obligations: Title 5 Lease: Subtitle 2 Leases for residential space
Subchapter 1a Agreements on the rent with tight housing markets
§ 556d Permissible level of rents in the rental; statutory authorization
§ 556e Considering the rental fee or carried out modernization
§ 556f Exceptions
§ 556g Legal consequences; Information on the rental
Article 2. Amendments to the Implementation of Civil Code Act par. 35 Transitional provisions to the Rental novelization Act from 21st April 2015.
Article 3. Amendments to the Act regulating houses rental
Article 4. Entry into force.

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    Bundesgesetzblatt Teil I
    vol. 16
    Page range
    pp. 610-612