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Ordinance (2015:502) on cooperation to reduce youth unemployment.

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Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Förordning (2015:502) om samverkan för att minska ungdomsarbetslösheten.
The consolidation of the Ordinance includes 2 amending texts through January 2018 (up to Ordinance 2017:830). The consolidated text includes various amendments.

Contains 19 articles and 6 sections concerning, inter alia:

Section 1: Introductory provision.
Section 2: Local agreements.
Section 3: State subsidies to municipalities for the promotion of local agreements.
Section 4: Training contract.
Section 5: State subsidies to municipalities for organized work or training under a training contract.
Section 6: Common provisions.

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