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Executive Regulation on Child Protection.

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First Region

Saudi Arabia
Elimination of child labour, protection of children and young persons
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

Second Region

This Excutive Regulation aims to:
1. Emphasize on the decisions taken by Islamic law and regulations and international agreements to which the Kingdom is a party to and that preserve the rights of the child and protect him from all forms of abuse and neglect.
2. Protect the child from all forms of abuse and neglect and manifestations which he/she might be exposed to in the environment surrounding it (school- home-neighbourhood- public places), both signed that a person who had jurisdiction over the child or the authority or responsibility or his relationship with him in any way.
3. Guaranteeing the Rights of the children who were subjected to abuse and neglect by providing specialist care facilities.
4. Raise awareness of children's rights, and educating the children about their rights to reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect.

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