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Act to amend Civil Servants (Employment) Act, Salaries Act, Contractual Public Employees Act, Judges and prosecutors Service Act, Teacher Service Act, Contract teachers Act, Pensions Act and some other Acts (BGBl. I Nr. 32/2015)

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Social security (general standards)
Law, Act

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Article 1. Amendment to the Civil Servants (Employment) Act
Article 2. Amendment to the Salaries of federal officials Act new sections:
§ 8 Classification and advancement
§ 12 Grade seniority
§ 12a Rendition and education compensation
§ 20c Anniversary bonus
§ 110; § 119 Seniority allowance
Subsection J Federal Pay Reform in 2015
§ 169c Reconciliation of existing employment relationships
§ 169d Group Reconciliation
§ 169e Application of service and remuneration provisions
§ 170a Remuneration adjustment for 2015
Article 3. Amendment to the Contractual Public Employees Act Subsection 5. Federal Pay Reform in 2015
§ 15 Rendition and education compensation
§ 19 Classification and advancement
§ 26 Grade seniority
§ 94a Reconciliation of existing employment relationships, groups Reconciliation
Article 4. Amendment to the Judges and prosecutors Service Act
Article 5. Amendment to the Teacher Service Act regarding monthly salaries.

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    Bundesgesetzblatt für die Republik Österreich Teil I
    vol. 32