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Law No.264-V of 18 August 2015 "On State Guarantees of Ensuring Equal Rights and Opportunities for Women and Men".

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Equality of opportunity and treatment
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Chapter I introduces the purposes of this law, general concepts, general directions of state policy in the sphere of ensuring gender equality, prohibition of discrimination by sex. Chapter II deals with the mechanism of ensuring gender equality, particularly by state bodies, local bodies of self-government. Chapter III establishes state guarantees of ensuring gender equality, inter alia, in the spheres of health care, science and education, culture, labour, family relationships, social protection. Chapter IV sets final provisions on formation statistical reporting; protection of the rights of persons subjected to sex discrimination; liability for the violation of this law.
Repeals the Law of 14 December 2007 "On State Guarantees for Equal Rights for Women" (Vedomosti Mejlisa Turkmenistana, 2007, No.4, page 78).

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