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Ordinance (No. 867 of 2015) concerning benefits to cover expenses related to getting or keeping employment (additional benefit ordinance).

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Social security (general standards); Unemployment benefit
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Forskrift (Nr 867 af 2015) om stønader til dekning av utgifter knyttet til å komme i eller å beholde arbeid (tilleggsstønadsforskriften).
Contains 18 articles concerning, inter alia:

Article 1: Conditions for benefits.
Article 2: Definition of measures.
Article 3: Benefits for travel for participants within measures and vocational assessment.
Article 4: Benefits to travel to promote geographic mobility.
Article 5: Calculation of benefits to travel.
Article 6: Benefits for relocation.
Article 7: Calculation of benefits for relocation.
Article 8: Benefits for housing and accommodation.
Article 9: Calculation of benefits for housing and accommodation.
Article 10: Benefits to care for children and other family members.
Article 11: Calculation of benefits to care for children and other family members.
Article 12: Benefits for learning materials.
Article 13: Calculation of benefits for learning materials.
Article 14: Absence of determined activity.
Article 15: Filing claims.
Article 16: Appeals.
Article 17: Entry into force.
Article 18: Transitional provisions.

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