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Agreement between Hungary and the Republic of Albania on social security (Act XVIII/2015)

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Albania, Hungary
International agreements; International social security agreements
International agreement

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Egyezmény Magyarország és az Albán Köztársaság között a szociális biztonságról Magyarország és az Albán Köztársaság
Part I - General provisions
Part II - Provisions concerning the applicable legislation
Part III - Special provisions
Chapter 1. Benefits in kind and cash for sickness and maternity
Chapter 2. Accidents at work and occupational diseases
Chapter 3. Pensions
Chapter 4. Benefits for persons with changed working capacity under Hungarian legislation
Part IV - Miscellaneous provisions
Part V - Transitional and Final provisions

Annex Administrative Procedures:
Part I General provisions
Part II Provisions on benefits
Part III Common provision for chapters 1 and 3 of Part III of the Agreement regarding the administrative and medical control.

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    Date of entry into force

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    Magyar Közlöny
    vol. 41
    Page range
    pp. 3177-3209