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Omnibus Rules Implementing the Labor Code.

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First Region

General provisions; Labour codes, general labour and employment acts
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

Second Region

These Rules and Regulations amend the Rules implementing Presidential Decree No. 442 (the Labor Code; LS 1974-Phi.1A) in consequence of Republic Act No. 6715. A new Rule XI, on the adjudicatory powers of the Department of Labor and Employment, is incorporated in Book III of those Rules. Rules XI, XII and XIII of Book III are hereby renumbered accordingly. In Book V, the rules are recast in regard to definitions, union registration, representation cases, internal-union disputes, elections, registration of collective bargaining agreements, voluntary arbitration, the labour-management council and picketing, strikes and lockouts. A strike or lockout may be declared in case of a bargaining deadlock or an unfair labour practice, as further defined (Book V, Rule XIII, s. 40). The Rules also govern improved offer balloting and execution of decisions, awards and orders. (LLD-1990/1)

Preliminary Provisions
Book One - Pre-employment
Book Two - National Manpower Development Program
Book Three - Conditions of Employment
Book Four - Health, Safety and Welfare Benefits
Book Five - Labor Relations
Book Six - Post Employment
Book Seven - Prescriptions, Transitory and Final Provisions

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