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Consolidation (No. 1086 of 2017) of the Act (No. 994 of 2015) on municipal financing of certain public services paid by municipalities, the programme Payment Denmark and unemployment funds.

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Social security (general standards)
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Bekendtgørelse (Nr 1086 af 2017) af lov (Nr 994 af 2015) om kommunernes finansiering af visse offentlige ydelser udbetalt af kommunerne, Udbetaling Danmark og arbejdsløshedskasserne.
Consolidation (Nr 1086 af 2017) of Act No. 994 or 2015 (amendments through March 2017 including Act No. 1000 of 2015, Act No. 296 of 2016, Act No. 628 of 2016, Act No. 288 of 2017).

Contains 8 chapters concerning, inter alia:

Chapter 1: Purpose of the Act.
Chapter 2: Scope of the Act.
Chapter 3: Determination of the amount of financing.
Chapter 4: Establishing the performance reimbursement as a common, local IT support for calculation of reimbursement and co-financing.
Chapter 5: Responsibility for the calculation of reimbursement and co-financing until the performance reimbursement is in operation.
Chapter 6: Entry into force and transitional provisions.
Chapter 7: Amendments to other legislation.
Chapter 8: Territorial validity.

The following Acts are repealed:
- Act (No. 324 of 2012) regulating the programme Payments Denmark.
- Consolidation of Act (No. 1019 of 2014) on legal protection and administration in the social field.
- Consolidation of Act (No. 10 of 2015) on social pensions.
- Act (No. 174 of 2015) on cash benefit.
- Consolidation of Act (No. 806 of 2015) on active social policy.
- Consolidation of Act (No. 807 of 2015) on active employment efforts
- Consolidation of Act (No. 938 of 2015) on sickness benefits.
- Consolidation of Act (No. 1052 of 2015) on legal protection and administration in the social field.

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