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Act to improve the fight against Human Trafficking and to amend the Federal Central Register Law as well as the Eighth Book of the Social Code.

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Elimination of forced labour; General provisions; Human rights
Law, Act

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Gesetz zur Verbesserung der Bekämpfung des Menschenhandels und zur Änderung des Bundeszentralregistergesetzes sowie des Achten Buches Sozialgesetzbuch
The Act incorporates the Directive 2011/36/UE into German legal system.
Article 1. Amendment to the Penal Code:
§232 Human trafficking
§232a Forced prostitution (new)
§232b Forced labour (new)
§233 Exploitation of labour force
§233a Exploitation taking advantage of a deprivation of liberty
Article 2. Amendment to the Federal Central Register Act
Article 3. Amendment to the Social Code - Book VIII - Children and Youth
Article 4. Further amendments
Article 5. Restriction of basic rights
Article 6. Entry into force.

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    Date of entry into force

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    Bundesgesetzblatt Teil I
    vol. 48
    Page range
    pp. 2226-2230