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Law No. 1 of 2016 Promulgating the Company Law.

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General provisions; Economic and social policy
Law, Act

Second Region

Part I: General Provisions.
Part II: General Partnership Company.
Part III: Limited Partnership Company.
Part IV: Partnership Limited by Shares.
Part V: Joint Venture Company.
Part VI: Professional Company.
Part VII: Single Person Company.
Part VIII: Limited Liability Company.
Part IX: Public Shareholding Company.
Part X: Closed Shareholding Company.
Part XI: Holding Company.
Part XII: Transformation, Merger, Division and Termination of Companies.
Part XIII: Supervision, Inspection and Penalties.

The ministers, each in their respective capacity, shall implement this law, which shall become effective as of 26 November 2012, with the exception of the regulation of Chapter 2 of Section 13, which shall be come effective as of the date as issuance.

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