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Federal Act of 18 November 1965 on pension entitlements of the federal officials, their survivors and dependents (Pensions Act 1965 - BGBl I 340/1965).

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Social security (general standards); Specific categories of workers; Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit; Public and civil servants
Law, Act

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Bundesgesetz vom 18. November 1965 über die Pensionsansprüche der Bundesbeamten, ihrer Hinterbliebenen und Angehörigen (Pensionsgesetz 1965 - PG. 1965)
Part I General provisions
Part II Rest cover
Part IIa Contributions
Part III Suppling benefits for the survivors
Part IV Common provisions for the officials on retirement and survivors
Part V Special income tax contribution
Part VI Supply on dependence
Part VII Income maintenance
Part VIII Retirement allowance
Part IX Charges on additional bonus
Part X Application of this Act to Private Law
Part XI Special arrangements for staff and former staff of the economic body Austrian Federal Forestry and Austrian Federal Forests
Part XII Transitional provisions
Part XIII Special provisions for officials born after 31 December 1954
Part XIV Special provisions for officials from § 1 Al. 14 and § 136b BDG 1979
Part XV Final provisions

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    Bundesgesetzblatt für die Republik Österreich Teil I
    vol. 91