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Law N° 76(I) of 2016 providing for the adjustment of the past-due social contributions.

Main Region

First Region

Social security (general standards); Administration and financing
Law, Act

Second Region

Article 1: Title of the Law
Article 2: Definitions
Article 3: Scope of Application
Article 4: Prohibition to claim debts by judicial means
Article 5: Adjustment petition
Article 6: Examination and decision on the petition
Article 7: Number of instalments and payment method for debts subject to the adjustment
Article 8: Priority of payment
Article 9: Effacement of due amounts from the additional fee
Article 10: Consequences of breach of the adjustment conditions
Article 11: Pending criminal or civil cases and adjudicated contributions
Article 12: Beneficiary of the minimum guaranteed income or of the public benefit
Article 13: Right to offset
Article 14: Submission of pleas before the Minister
Article 15: Delegation of authority of the Director
Article 16: Power of the Minister to decide upon specific issues
Article 17: Authorization by the Minister
Article 18: Proof based on certificate
Article 19: Settlements prior to the implementation of the present Law
Article 20: Entry into force of the Law

Partial End of applicaton region

    Date of partial end of application
    Article 12

Electronic region

Serial region

    Serial title
    Epissimi Efimeris
    Part I(I)
    N° 4570
    Page range
    pp. 1015-1021