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Act CXLV of 2016 to amend certain employment laws.

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Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services
Law, Act

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Article 1. Amendments to the Act IV of 1991 on the promotion of employment and the provision in favor of unemployed persons:
-reimbursement of public official travels
-grands financed from National Employment Fund
Article 2. Amendments to the Act XCIII/1993 on Occupational Safety and Health:
-injury during work and accident investigation
Article 3. Amendments to the Act LXVI of 1994 on the Wage Guarantee Fund:
-wage liability, liquidation of enterprise
Article 4. Amendments to the Act LXXV of 1996 on Labour Inspection:
-Labour inspection activity shall cover the members of social cooperative
Article 5. Amendments to the Act X of 2006 on Cooperatives: -composition of social cooperative
Article 6. Amendment to the Act LXXV of 2010 on Simplified Employment:
-tax declaration
Article 7. Amendments to the Act CVI of 2011 on public employment and related matters:
-jobseeker must be excluded from public employment for a period of three months
Article 8. Final provisions.

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    16. §

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    Magyar Közlöny
    vol. 199
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    pp. 81807-81824