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Law of 1 December 2016 "On Maintenance Guarantee Fund".

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Education, vocational guidance and training; Elimination of child labour, protection of children and young persons; Social security (general standards)
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The purpose of the law is to ensure that the rights of the child to social security are realized and the acquisition of the child's education is promoted by establishing a Maintenance Guarantee Fund (hereinafter - the Fund) for the payment of the minimum maintenance allowance if the child acquires education in the Republic of Latvia and one or both parents of the child do not provide maintenance.
Article 1: Terms used in the law
Article 2: The purpose of the law
Article 3: The fund
Article 4: Fund Administration tasks
Article 5: Rights and duties of the Fund Administration
Article 6: Information about debtors
Article 7: Prohibition of the use of debtor's vehicles and means of navigation management
Article 8: Fund resources
Article 9: Director of the Fund Administration
Article 10: Applicant's entitlement to maintenance
Article 11: Receiving maintenance in the administrative procedure
Article 12: Receiving maintenance by a court judgment or maintenance agreement
Article 13: Maintenance and duration thereof
Article 14: Maintenance costs expiry
Article 15: Repayment of undue payment of maintenance
Article 16: The procedure for appeal and appeal of decisions of the Director of the Fund Administration
Article 17: Applicant's responsibilities
Article 18: Debtor's obligation to repay maintenance.

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