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Act to strengthen the fight against illegal work and clandestine Employment.

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Conditions of employment; Elimination of forced labour
Law, Act

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Ge­setz zur Stär­kung der Be­kämp­fung der Schwarz­ar­beit und il­le­ga­len Be­schäf­ti­gung
Article 1. Amendment to the Act to Combat Clandestine Employment:
-§ 16 Central information system for financial control of clandestine employment -implementation of a new IT procedure for the processing and recording of labour statistics
-§ 19 Erasing data from the system
Article 2. Amendment to the Social Code - Book IV - administrative offences and fines
Article 3. Amendment to the Road Traffic Act: enable transmission of vehicle and holder data from the Central Register of Vehicles for the purpose of controlling undeclared work
Article 4. Amendment to the Motor Vehicle Tax Act
Article 5. Entry into force.

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    Bundesgesetzblatt Teil I
    no 11
    Page range
    pp. 399-402