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Act to improve pension benefits for reduced earning capacity and to amend other Acts.

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Social security (general standards); Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit
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Gesetz zur Verbesserung der Leistungen bei Renten wegen verminderter Erwerbsfähigkeit und zur Änderung anderer Gesetze (EM-Leistungsverbesserungsgesetz)
The aim of the law is to better protect persons with a reduced ability to work, by extending the time of accrual for pensions incrementally to the completed 65th year of age. In the long term, they are treated as if they had worked three years longer than before.
Article 1. Amendment to the Social Code - Book VI
Article 2. Amendment to the Act on Old-age insurance for Farmer
Article 3. Amendment to the Social Code - Book IX
Article 4. Amendment to the Act on the Protection against Dismissal
Article 5. Amendment to the Act on European Works Council
Article 6. Amendment to the Works Constitution Act
Article 7. Amendment to the Regulation for the Pension Insurance's contribution scheme
Article 8. Entry into force

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    Bundesgesetzblatt Teil I
    no 48
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    pp. 2509-2512