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Act on Proceedings in Family Matters and in Matters of Non-contentious Jurisdiction.

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First Region

General provisions; Civil, commercial and family law
Law, Act

Second Region

Gesetz über das Verfahren in Familiensachen und in den Angelegenheiten der freiwilligen Gerichtsbarkeit (FamFG)
Book 1 General Part
-Part 1 General Provisions
-Part 2 Proceedings in the First Instance
-Part 3 Order
-Part 4 Interlocutory Order
-Part 5 Appellate Remedies
-Part 6 Legal Aid
-Part 7 Costs
-Part 8 Enforcement
-Part 9 Proceedings with Transnational Elements
Book 2 Proceedings in Family Matters
-Part 1 General Provisions
-Part 2 Proceedings in Marital Matters; Proceedings in Divorce Matters and Ancillary Proceedings
-Part 3 Proceedings in Parent and Child Matters
-Part 4 Proceedings in Matters Concerning Parentage
-Part 5 Proceedings in Adoption Matters
-Part 6 Proceedings in Matters Concerning the Marital Home and Household Objects
-Part 7 Proceedings in Matters Concerning Protection against Violence
-Part 8 Proceedings in Matters Concerning the Equalisation of Pension Benefits
-Part 9 Proceedings in Matters Concerning Maintenance
-Part 10 Procedures in Marital Property Law Matters
-Part 11 Proceedings in Other Family Matters
-Part 12 Proceedings in Matters Concerning Life Partnerships
Book 3 Proceedings in Custodianship and Involuntary Commitment Matters
-Part 1 Proceedings in Custodianship Matters
-Part 2 Proceedings in Involuntary Commitment Matters
-Part 3 Proceedings in Matters Concerning Adult Guardianship Court Appointments
Book 4 Proceedings in Estate and Property Division Matters
-Part 1 Definitions of Terms; Local Jurisdiction
-Part 2 Proceedings in Estate Matters
-Part 3 Proceedings in Property Distribution Matters
Book 5 Proceedings in Registry Matters, Commercial Law Proceedings
-Part 1 Definitions of Terms
-Part 2 Jurisdiction
-Part 3 Register Matters
-Part 4 Commercial Law Proceedings
Book 6 Proceedings in Other Matters of Non-Contentious Jurisdiction
Book 7 Proceedings in Matters Involving a Deprivation of Liberty
Book 8 Proceedings in Matters Concerning Judicial Public Notice
-Part 1 General Procedural Provisions
-Part 2 Public Notice as to Unknown Owners of Real Property, Ships, and Ships Under Construction
-Part 3 Public Notice as to Unknown Creditors Regarding Mortgages, Ship Liens, and Those Entitled to Other Property Rights
-Part 4 Public Notice as to Unknown Creditors of Estates
-Part 5 Public Notice as to Unknown Creditors Regarding Ships
-Part 6 Public Notice as to Declarations of Invalidity of Legal Instruments
Book 9 Final Provisions

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    Date of entry into force

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