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Deregulation Act 2017 (BGBl I 40/2017)

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General provisions; Labour codes, general labour and employment acts
Law, Act

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Deregulierungsgesetz 2017
SECTION 1. E-Government
SECTION 2. Finance, Justice and Family
SECTION 3. Labour Law
Article 12. Amendment to the Working Time Act: repealed § 24; weekly rest period for drivers
Article 13. Amendment to the Rest period Act: repealed § 23; weekly rest period for drivers
Article 14. Amendment to the Act on the hours of work in health institutions: . § 9 repealed
Article 15. Amendment to the Bakery Workers Act 1996: obligation to publish information via electronic devices
Article 16. Amendment to the Maternity Protection Act 1979: §§ 17 and 32 repealed; § 25. prohibition on Sunday and holiday work does not apply
Article 17. Amendment to the Children and Adolescents Employment Act 1987: changes to numbering, information transmission through electronic devices
Article 18. Amendment to the Equal Treatment Act: § 60 repealed;
Article 19. Amendment to the Act on Home Work: § 8 Al.2 regarding home employment contract or home work rate
Article 20. Amendment to the Worker Protection Act: § 129. Mandatory requirement - repealed
Article 21. Amendment to the Employment of Persons with Disabilities Act: § 23a repealed
SECTION 4. Healthcare
SECTION 5. Communication

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    Bundesgesetzblatt für die Republik Österreich Teil I
    no 40