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Law of 22 November 2017 "To Amend the law "On State Social Insurance"".

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Social security (general standards); Social security (general standards); Social assistance and services
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Makes wording changes in Article 1 (Concepts used in this law), Article 5 (Socially insured persons) also supplementing it with new paragraph 33. Introduces new paragraphs into Article 6 (Mandatory socially insured persons according to their employment, age, health status and types of social insurance), also into Article 14 (Obligatory deposit object), Article 21 (Payment arrangements and deadlines), Article 23 (Report on compulsory contributions). Makes wording changes in Article 19 (Compulsory contributions from the state general budget and special budgets), Article 21, Article 27 (Complaining and appealing administrative acts issued by the Agency, extension of the term of issue). Also makes changes and adds new paragraphs in Transitional provisions.

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