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Ordinance (No. 1326 of 2016) on attempts concerning work trial at own employer after termination of a sickness benefit period.

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Employment policy, promotion of employment and employment services
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Forskrift (Nr 1326 af 2016) om forsøk med arbeidsutprøving hos egen arbeidsgiver etter utløpet av sykepengeperioden.
Contains 10 articles concerning, inter alia:

Article 1: Purpose.
Article 2: Scope.
Article 3: Persons that can participate in the trial.
Article 4: Follow-up.
Article 5: Duration.
Article 6: Benefit to participant.
Article 7: Occupational injury cover.
Article 8: Decision-making authority.
Article 9: Trial period.
Article 10: Entry into force.

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