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Law No. 85 of 2017 on amending some provisions of Law No. 6 of 2010 regarding Labour in the Private Sector.

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قانون رقم 85 لسنة 2017 بتعديل بعض احكام القانون رقم 6 لسنة 2010 في شأن العمل بالقطاع الاهلي
This Law amends and replaces Articles 51 and 70 of Law No. 6 of 2010 regarding Labour in the Private Sector.

Article 51, deals with end of service gratuity payments and their relationship with pension contributions. The Amending Law states that upon ending his/her service, an employee is entitled to a full/complete end of service gratuity payment without deducting pension contributions made by the employer towards the Public Institution for Social Security.

Article 70, deals with annual leave entitlements for employees. The Amending Law stipulates that “an employee has the right to 30-days’ paid annual leave in the first year of service provided that he has completed at least six months with the employer. Weekend holidays, public holidays and sick leave days shall not be counted as part of annual holidays.”

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