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Safety in working with Pressure Die-Casting Machines (16/5/1397).

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Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Occupational safety and health; Protection against particular hazards
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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(آیین نامه ایمنی کار با دستگاه های ریخته گری تحت فشار ( دایکست
The purpose of this regulation is to update and adapt the issues related to pressure die-casting machines according to the conditions of the industries, technological advancement, safety of the workshops environment, safeguarding of human and material resources and prevention of accidents. It is used in all workshops that use die-casting machines in their process.

This regulation includes 3 chapters, 78 articles and 4 notes. Chapter One contains the definitions used in the text of the regulation. Chapter Two introduces general safety requirements in relation to the various types of pressure die-casting machines. Chapter Three specifies safety requirements of specific pressure die-casting machines including cold chamber die-casting machines, hot chamber die-casting machines, vertical die-casting machines, dies and auxiliary equipment.

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