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Act of 22nd July 2006 on European Cooperative

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Freedom of association, collective bargaining and industrial relations
Law, Act

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Ustawa z dnia 22 lipca 2006 r. o spółdzielni europejskiej
Title I. General provisions
Title II. European Cooperative
Section 1. Foundation of European Cooperative
Section 2. Organs of European Cooperative
Section 3. Transfer of the registered office of European Cooperative
Title III. Employees involvement in the European Cooperative
Section 1. General provisions
Section 2. Negotiations procedure applicable for european cooperatives founded by at least two legal entities or trough transformation
Section 3. Negotiations procedure applicable for european cooperatives founded only by natural persons or by one natural person and one legal entity
Section 4. Prohibition of information disclosure being business secret
Section 5. Protection of employees' rights in terms of involvement
Title IV. Order and penal provisions
Title V. Changes in existing provisions
Title VI. Final provisions.

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