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Act on service improvement and stabilisation in the statutory pension insurance (BGBl I 40/2018)

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Social security (general standards)
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RV-Leistungsverbesserungs- und -Stabilisierungsgesetz
The main improvement of pension insurance consist of:
-introduction of a double stop line in order to secure pension level and to stabilize pensions contributions
maternity pensions II — extensions of child rising periods and waiting periods for children born before 1992
-Extension of the compensation period for the disability pension or survivor's pension from current 62 years and 3 calendar months to 65. Years and 8 calendar months.
Article 1. Amendment to the Social Code — Book VI
Article 2. Amendment to the Professional Rehabilitation Act
Article 3. Amendment to the Act on Old-age insurance for Farmers
Article 4. Amendment to the Social Code — Book IV
Article 5. Amendment to the Regulation for the Pension Insurance's contribution scheme
Article 6. Further amendments
Article 7. Entry into force.

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    Bundesgesetzblatt Teil I
    no 40
    Page range
    pp 2016-2022