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Act to further develop Part Time Work law - Introduction of a bridge part-time (BGBl I 45/2018)

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Gesetz zur Weiterentwicklung des Teilzeitrechts - Einführung einer Brückenteilzeit
Act introduces a concept of temporary part-time work -bridge part-time.
Article 1. Amendment to the Act on part-time and temporary work:
-new § 9a -employees are entitled to a time-limited reduction of their working time (bridge part time) for raising children or caring for relatives or other reasons. Bridge part time can last one year up to five years. availability of bridge part time depends on the size of company (with more than 200 employees, in small business up to 45 no bridge option, for medium-sized companies applies a specific rule)
Article 2. Amendment to the Social Code - Book IV - General Rules for Social Security: makes recognition of the new § 9a from article 1.
Article 3. Entry into force.

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    Bundesgesetzblatt Teil I
    no 45
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    pp 2384-2386