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Law No. HO-206-N of 23 March 2018 on Public Service.

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General provisions; Specific categories of workers; Labour codes, general labour and employment acts; Public and civil servants
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Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Classification of Public Positions
Chapter 3. Characteristics of Organisation of Public Service
Chapter 4. Pubic Servants Main Rights and Duties, Restrictions for Giving Orders
Chapter 5. Codes of Ethics
Chapter 6. Declaration of Property and Revenue, Interests
Chapter 7. Ethical Committees and Manager of Codes of Ethics
Chapter 8. Social Protection for Public Servants and Persons Holding Public Position
Chapter 9. Granting High Ranks to Pubic Servant
Chapter 10. Final and Transitional Provisions

Repeals the previous Law on Public Service HO-172-N of 26 May 2011.

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