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Law No. HO-170-N of 21 March 2018 To Amend and Supplement the Law on Breastfeeding Promotion and Regulation of Marketing of Infant Food.

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Elimination of child labour, protection of children and young persons; Maternity protection
Law, Act

Second Region

Introduces minor wording changes in part 1 of Article 6: removes the word ‘supervision’ in sub-point 1 and repeals sub-point 2. Same changes for part 2 of Article 6: removes the word ‘supervision’ in sub-point 2 and repeals sub-point 4.
In part 5 of Article 20 replaces the word ‘Authorised Body’ with ‘Supervising Inspection Body’.
Supplements the Law with Article 6.1: 'Competences of the Supervising Inspection Body Authorised by the Government of the Republic of Armenia'.

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