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Children Act 1989 (Amendment) (Female Genital Mutilation) Act 2019 (2019 c. 10).

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Elimination of child labour, protection of children and young persons; General provisions; General provisions; Criminal and penal law; Human rights
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The Act amends section 8(4) of the Children Act 1989 (“the 1989 Act”) to add proceedings for Female Genital Mutilation Protection Orders (“FGMPOs”) in England and Wales, under Section 5A of, and Schedule 2 to, the Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003, to the list of proceedings which are “family proceedings” for the purpose of the 1989 Act.

The effect of the amendment proposed by the Act would be to allow an applicant for an FGMPO to also apply for a care or supervision order (or other such appropriate order under the 1989 Act) as part of the same proceedings, rather than having to make separate applications for such orders as at present. It will also mean that when a court is dealing with a FGMPO, it will also have powers available under the Children Act 1989 to make other orders regarding the welfare of the child. This will increase the ability of the court to protect children at risk.

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