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Act (No. 101 of 1993) on Aviation (Aviation Act) (LOV-1993-06-11-101).

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Lov om luftfart (luftfartsloven)
The Act states that aviation in Norway can only take place in accordance with this law and regulations given on the basis of the Act. For aviation covered by the provisions of the EEA Agreement, the rules for completing and implementing the EEA Agreement in the area of ​​aviation in this Act shall prevail over the other provisions of the Act.

The Act also applies to aviation in connection with Norwegian petroleum activities on the Norwegian continental shelf and for aviation with Norwegian aircraft outside the Norwegian territory. The rules in Chapter X of the Act on carriage by aircraft also apply to aviation with foreign aircraft outside the Norwegian territory to the extent that this is in accordance with an agreement with a foreign state or otherwise by general principles of law.

The law provides for both civil and military aviation and other state aviation (ie non-military public aviation). The Aviation Act regulates both registration, nationality and labeling and on aircraft rights.

Furthermore, the Act contains provisions on air and environmental competence, manning, commander and service on board, landing places, ground and safety service and commercial aviation. Provisions are also made for air traffic, aircraft transport, liability and insurance for damage and loss of third parties. The Act also provides rules for notification, reporting and investigations of aviation accidents and incidents.

The Civil Aviation Authority manages and develops the regulations for Norwegian civil aviation.

The Aviation Act supersedes the previous 1960 Act.

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