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Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, 2019 (Bill No. 186 of 2019).

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Occupational safety and health
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The Bill was presented to the Lok Sabah in July 2019. It was referred to the standing committee in October 2019 and a report was presented in February 2020. Awaiting to see if and when this is adopted. The Code seeks to regulate health and safety conditions of workers in establishments with 10 or more workers, and in all mines and docks. It subsumes and replaces 13 labour laws relating to safety, health and working conditions. These laws include: Factories Act, 1948; Mines Act, 1952; Dock Workers Act, 1986; Contract Labour Act, 1970; and Inter-State Migrant Workers Act, 1979.

Establishments covered by the Code are required to register with registering officers, appointed by the central or state governments. Welfare facilities, working conditions and work hours for different types of establishments and workers will be prescribed by the central or state governments through rules.

The Code sets up occupational safety boards at the national and state level to advise the central and state governments on the standards, rules, and regulations to be framed under the Code. The Code creates special provisions for certain classes of establishments such as factories, mines, dock workers, and constructions workers. These include separate provisions on licenses, safety regulations, and duties of employers.

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