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COVID-19 Regulations (Proclamation 9 of 2020).

Main Region

First Region

General provisions; Constitutional law
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

Second Region

1. Definitions
2. Application of regulations
3. Period of lockdown
4. Closure of schools and higher education institutions
5. Public gatherings
6. Prohibition on movement of persons and goods within zone or between zones
7. Prohibition relating to entry into Namibia
8. Quarantine
9. Restriction of movement from places of residence
10. Critical services
11. Prohibitions relating to liquor
12. Provisions relating to certain operations and closure of certain businesses
13. Judicial proceedings
14. Directives
15. Applicability of Act No. 1 of 2015
16. Offences and penalties
17. Regulations to bind State
18. [regulation 18 repealed by section 16 of Proclamation 13 of 2020]

End of applicaton region

    Date of end of application

Basic Text region

Repealing Text region

Electronic region