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Employment Relations (Amendment) Act 2020 (Act No. 11 of 2020).

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Freedom of association, collective bargaining and industrial relations; General provisions; Public Health Policy And Regulations
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The ERA is amended to include a pandemic in the definition of "act of god". Beforehand, the interpretation of "act of god" was left up to common law. Section 24 now reads:

24(1) An employer must unless the worker has broken his or her contract of service or the contract is frustrated or its performance prevented by an act of God:
(a) provide the worker with work in accordance with the contract during the period for which the contract is binding on a number of days equal to the number of working days expressly or impliedly provided for in the contract; and
(b) if the employer fails to provide work to the worker, pay to the worker, in respect of every day on which the employer so fails, wages at the same rate as if the worker had performed a day's work
(2) In this section, “act of God” includes a pandemic declared by the World Health Organization.”

It also inserts a new PART 20A - COVID RESPONSE MEASURES to provide for response measures in relation to leave entitlements during the COVID-19 period.

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