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Act on Greenland Self-Government (Act no. 473 of 12 June 2009).

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The Act on Greenland Self-Government was granted to Greenland on June 21, 2009 (Act no. 473 of 12 June 2009) and was an extension of powers enacted in the Home Rule act of 1979 (Act. No. 577 of 29 November 1978). Through the Home Rule and Self-Government Acts Greenland has the right to elect its own parliament and government, the latter having sovereignty and administration over the areas mentioned in the Self-Government Act such as education, health, fisheries, environment and climate. Some of the achievements of the Self-Government Act were the recognition of Kalaallit (Greenlanders) as people, in international law, the opportunity for Greenland to become an independent state, as well as the opportunity to take on the jurisdiction of more areas (such as natural resources and justice affairs).

With the adoption of the Self-Government Act, Greenland could take over the jurisdiction on more areas. For the moment, the following areas are still under Danish jurisdiction:

- Justice affairs, including police, criminal procedures and the courts of law
- Defence and National security
- Financial sectors and monetary system e.g. the currency used in Greenland is Danish Kroner DKK
- Civil right law e.g. family and succession, citizenship matters etc.
- Foreign affairs

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