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Prakas on the Determination of the Minimum Wage for Workers/Employees in the Textile, Garment, Footwear, Industries for 2021 (No. 303/20).

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Published by the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MLVT), the Determination sets out the 2021 minimum wage for workers in textile, garment and footwear industries.

The minimum wage is set at $187 per month for new workers and $192 per month for full-time employees. Beginner workers will get a minimum allowance of $192 per month after finishing their probationary period.

For piece-rate workers, the allowance is based on the quantity of work produced. If the allowance for piece-rate workers is lower the 2021 minimum wage, the employer must pay workers $187 per month if they are a probationary worker or $192 per month if they are a full-time employee.

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