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Vocational Training Promotion Act.

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Education, vocational guidance and training; Occupational safety and health; Protection against particular hazards
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An Act to promote vocational training through plannning and research. Not applicable to training given to public servants or on board merchant ships, other than certain fishing vessels. Establishes a Federal Vocational Training Institution, with advisory committees, including a committee for questions relating to disabled persons. Replaces the last sentence of s. 54(2) and s.54(5) of the Vocational Training Act of 14 Aug. 1969 (LS 1969-Ger.F.R.2)and repeals ss.30, 50 to 53 and 60 to 72. The Federal Vocational Training Research Institution established by the 1969 Act is replaced by the new Institution mentioned above. Amended by the First Act Amending the Vocational Training Promotion Act of 4 December 1986 (BGBI. I, p. 2190) Official French and English translations available.

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