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The National Environment Act, 2019 (Act 5 of 2019).

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General provisions; Environmental, Climate and Sustainable Development Laws
Law, Act

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An Act to repeal, replace and reform the law relating to environmental management in Uganda; to provide for the management of the environment for sustainable development; to continue the National Environment Management Authority as a coordinating, monitoring, regulatory and supervisory body for all activities relating to environment; to provide for emerging environmental issues including climate change, the management of hazardous chemicals and biodiversity offsets; to provide for strategic environmental assessment; to address environmental concerns arising out of petroleum activities and midstream operations, to provide for the management of plastics and plastic products; to establish the Environmental Protection Force; to provide for enhanced penalties for offences under the Act; to provide for procedural and administrative matters; and for related matters.

Any statutory instrument made under the National Environment Act, Cap.153 repealed under subsection (1) and which is in force immediately before the commencement of this Act, shall remain in force, so far as it is not inconsistent with this Act, until it is revoked by a statutory instrument made under this Act and until that revocation, shall be deemed to have been made under this Act.

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