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The Ethiopian Electoral, Political Parties Registration and Election’s Code of Conduct Proclamation No. 1162/2019.

Main Region

First Region

General provisions; Constitutional law
Law, Act

Second Region

አዋጅ ቁጥር ፩ሺ፩፻፷፪/፪ሺ፲፩ ዓ.ም የኢትዮጵያ የምርጫ፣ የፖለቲካ ፓርቲዎች ምዝገባና የምርጫ ሥነምግባር አዋጅ
Part One - General Provisions
Part Two - Elections and Election Administration Bodies
Part Three - Elections Administration
Part Four - Political Parties in General
Part Five - Election Observers, Candidates' Agents, Journalists and Voter Education
Part Six - Electoral Code of Conduct
Part Seven - Grievances and Disputes Arising in the Electoral Process
Part Eight - Prohibited Acts
Part Nine - Miscellaneous Provisions

This Proclamation repeals the following laws:
a) The Amended Electoral Law of Ethiopia Proclamation No. 532/2007
b) The Amended Political Parties Registration Proclamation No. 573/2008
c) The Electoral Code of Conduct for Political Parties Proclamation No. 662/2009

Repealed Text region

Electronic region