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Wage Amendment Act 1981 (No. 48).

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South Africa
Conditions of employment; Wages
Law, Act

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Act to amend the Wage Act 1957 [LS 1957-SA 1] so as further to define or to replace certain expressions; to make further provision for the establishment of divisions of the wage board; to further regulate the conducting of investigations by the said board in terms of the said Act; to extend the provisions regarding the observing of secrecy; to discontinue the publication of recommendations of the said board; to further regulate the granting of exemption from determinations in terms of the said Act, and the appointment of inspectors under the said Act; to do away with the registration of employers; and to provide for the admissibility of certain reproductions of certain records and the availability of copies of the said determinations at the premises of employers; and to provide for matters connected therewith. Numerous amendments.

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