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Labour Amendment Act, 2023 (No. 11)

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General provisions; Labour codes, general labour and employment acts
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Provides for the amendment of Chapter 28:01 of the Labour Act, and provides for matters connected to or incidental to the foregoing. Amends sections 2 (Interpretation), 4A (Prohibition of forced labour), 5 (Protection of employees against discrimination), 6 (Protection of employees’ rights to fair labour standards), 8 (Unfair labour practices by employer), 11 (Employment of young persons), 12 (Duration, particulars and termination of employment contract), 12C (Retrenchment and compensation for loss of employment on retrenchment or in terms of section 12(4a)), 18 (Maternity Leave), 25 (Effect of collective bargaining agreements negotiated by workers committees), 25A (Composition, procedure and functions of works), 28 (Requirements for formation of trade unions and employers organizations), 33 (Application for registration), 34 (Requirements of application for registration), 45 (Considerations relating to registration or variation, suspension or rescission of registration of trade unions or employers organisations), 51 (Supervision of election of officers), 54 (Collection of union dues), Section 55 (Minister may regulate union fees), 56 (Formation of employment councils otherwise than under section 57 and admission of new parties to employment councils), 58 (Constitution of employment councils), 63 (Designated agents of employment councils), 74 (Scope of collective bargaining agreements), 79 (Submission of collective bargaining agreements for approval or registration), Section 81 (Amendment of registered collective bargaining agreements by Minister), 82 (Binding nature of registered collective bargaining agreements), 93 (Powers of labour officer), 101 (Employment codes of conduct), 109 (Liability of persons engaged in unlawful collective action), 111 (Cessation of collective job action), 112 (Offences under Part XIII) and 120 (Investigation of trade unions and employers organizations). Inserts sections 12CC (Non-payment of retrenchment package due to fraudulent, reckless or grossly negligent conduct by employer) 18A (Contracts for hourly work), 34A (Duty to provide information to Registrar) and 128 (Transitional provisions).

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    Government Gazette
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    Págs. 241-260