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Work Environment Ordinance (1977:1166).

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Occupational safety and health
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Arbetsmiljöförordning (1977:1166).
The consolidation of the Ordinance includes a total of 41 amending texts through January 2015 (up to Ordinance 2015:16). The consolidated text includes various amendments.

Contains 22 articles and 8 sections concerning, inter alia:

Section 1: Notification of occupational injury, etc.
Section 2: Storage of documents.
Section 3: A common workplace.
Section 4: Available constitutions.
Section 5: Local protection activities.
Section 6: Supervision.
Section 7: Appropriations.
Section 8: Authorization.

Repeals, inter alia, the Workers' Protection Proclamation (No. 208 of 1949: LS 1949-Swe.4, 1956-Swe.3) and the Proclamation (No. 213 of 1949) respecting a medical examination and periodic medical examinations for young workers.

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    Serial title
    Svensk Författningssamling
    No. 1166