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Labour Act [Chapter 28:01].

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Freedom of association, collective bargaining and industrial relations; General provisions; Labour codes, general labour and employment acts
Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

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Labour Relations Act, 1984 (Act 16 of 1985)
Part I. Preliminary: short title, interpretation, purpose, application)
Part II. Fundamental rights of employees: union membership, prohibition of forced labour, protection against discrimination, etc.9
Part III. Unfair labour practices
Part IV. General conditions of employment: employment of young persons, duration and termination of contracts, remuneration, dismissal, retrenchment, benefits upon termination, sick leave, vacation leave, special leave, weekly rest, benefits in case of death of the employer, right of retention of employment in case of transfer of a business, maternity leave)
Part V. Advisory councils and wage and salary control: advisory councils, minimum wages, etc.)
Part VI. Workers committees: formation and functions
Part VII. Trade unions, employers organizations and federations of trade unions and employers organizations
Part VIII. Employment councils
Part IX. Repealed
Part X. Collective bargaining agreements negotiated by trade unions and employers organizations
Part XI. Labour court
Part XII. Determination of disputes and unfair labour practices
Part XIII. Collective job action
Part XIV. Employment agencies
Part XV. General

The Act repeals the Industrial Conciliation Act (Ch. 267), as published in the Legislative Series (LS 1964 - SR 1A, B, C), the Minimum Wages Act, 1980, and the Employment Act, 1980 which was also published in the Legislative Series (LS 1980 - Zim. 1). Consolidation available.

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    Monograph title
    Commentary on the Labour Act (including Act as amended up to 30 Dec. 2005)
    George Makings
    Howard Dean & Co
    Place of publication
    5th Edition

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    Serial title
    Government Gazette
    N. 16
    Page range
    p. 169-249
    Serial title
    Revised edition 1996 (Chapter 28:01)