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Employment Protection Act 1975 (Chapter 71)

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United Kingdom
Freedom of association, collective bargaining and industrial relations
Law, Act

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Establishes machinery for promoting the improvement of industrial relations; amends the law relating to workers' rights and otherwise amends the law relating to workers, employers, trade unions and employers' associations; provides for the establishment and operation of a Maternity Pay Fund; provides for the extension of the jurisdiction of industrial tribunals; amends the law relating to entitlement to and recoupment of unemployment benefit and supplementary benefit; amends the Employment Agencies Act 1973 as respects the exercice of licensing functions under that Act; amends the Employment and Training Act 1973 as respects the status of bodies establishing, and the powers of the Secretary of State, under that Act, amends the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 as respects the appointment of safety representatives, health and safety at work in agriculture, the status of bodies established and the disclosure of information obtained under that Act; provides for the extension of employment legislative to certain parliamentary staff and to certain areas outside Great Britain; and for connected purposes.

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